Parthenon Critique #9- November 6, 2015

Paper Critique:Friday Parthenon, November 6, 2015

The publication has reduced the number of AP style errors, but problems still exist with headline writing. Also, there were several design issues in this week’s issue regarding photo organization and overuse of white space. The front page’s design has a lot of white space, but it draws readers’ attention to the photos. The issue comes with the photo design as the top of the page projects a clearly dominant image along with two other images, which are unaligned. The effect draws the attention to the reader to each photo because of the unconventional placement. However, on the bottom portion of the page, the dominant image isn’t as clear, and the photos being aligned in a horizontally linear fashion doesn’t provoke the equal interest of the top half.

On the issue’s third and fourth pages, there are issues with white space. The white space on page three separates the image from the story, making it more difficult for the reader to draw the connection between the two, while the third page could use a larger font size for the headline. In terms of newsworthiness, the story may not justify a large headline font, but it is the only story on the page and won’t draw readers away from more newsworthy content on the page.

Also on the issue’s second page, the quality and value of the photos don’t justify their usage. There are three pictures of books taking up nearly the entire bottom half of the page. Photos of books doesn’t offer much to the individual story or the publication, and thus using three photos that take up nearly half of a page is difficult to justify.

There are also two headlines without verbs in the issue. Neither event carries the recognition or significance to justify standing on its own as a noun without a verb to accompany it.


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