War in Peace: The Framed Battle Between Donald Trump and the Media

The media has depicted Donald Trump as a polarizing manipulator, dictating his own narrative through his establishment of himself as its chief rival.

It’s hasn’t been Trump’s presidential campaign, in terms of his thoughts and ideas on foreign policy and economics that dominate headlines, but rather his relationship with the media. Trump isn’t one to shy away from attacking the media and its self-proclaimed biased reporting which in Trump’s view is in desperate need of fact checking. The media has interpreted this as a defense mechanism to avoid discussions on his political ideals, which to this point in his presidential bid, remain vague and drastically lacking in detail.

Yet, despite the media’s self-imposed glorified recognition of Trump’s plan, it seems unwillingly to ignore Trump’s qualms over its professionalism and impose the war upon him that he doesn’t have the artillery to fight. In other words, the media constantly references Trump’s goals to repeatedly remain in the public’s limelight while speaking on nearly every subject outside of politics, but refuses to refrain from abiding to Trump’s desired narrative. Interviews and television appearances have as much as to do, if not more so, about media relationships and tweets and comments related to other political candidates as they do about how exactly Trump will make “good deals” with foreign nations or revamp the American economy.

The media’s portrayal of Trump seems to suggest he’s a public figure manipulating his own national coverage, all while shadowing the American people from his theoretical ignorance in the realm to which his current level of publicity is owed. It’s a staged war in which both parties win—Trump being pardoned on discussing policy issues he’s not comfortable with and the media securing ratings and viewership. Although its been depicted as a battle centered upon dethroning the credibility of the opposition, the war between Trump and the media actually more closely mirrors a peace treaty.


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