Parthenon Critique #8- October 30, 2015

Paper Critique: Friday Parthenon- October 30, 2015

This issue makes effective uses of the timeliness of Halloween as a newsworthy aspect. The front page presents a clear Halloween theme, which is not only reflected throughout the issue’s content, but also the most appealing to possible readers.

The fourth page previews Halloween events within the area, and the content is appropriate for the publication’s intended audience. However, the page may have been more suited to act as the issue’s second or third page as readers would see it immediately when they open the paper.

There were several cases in this issue in which the time element of an event began a sentence. This is confusing to the reader and moves the time element further away from the verb of the sentence, which does not coordinate with sentence structure.

The issue also has a number of headlines without verbs. Verbs convey action to readers and a heightened sense of newsworthiness and interest. Headlines without verbs must have nouns which are understood by the vast majority of the publication’s audience, and these headlines do not meet that criteria. For example, a headline reads “26th annual Guyandotte Civil War Days.” This is not an event universally understood amongst the publication’s intended audience and the scale of the event doesn’t justify it standing alone as a headline. In fact, the only part of the headline that may resonate with casual readers is “Civil War Days.”


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