Parthenon Critique #7- October 23, 2015

Paper Critique: Friday Parthenon- October 23, 2015

The issue was fairly clean overall and made improvements on past issues concerning AP style errors and headline writing.

The theme on the front page related to Marshall University’s Homecoming week, but the two lead stories on the news page didn’t pertain to Homecoming. The newsworthy stories are the Homecoming events happening over the weekend, but the only previews come in the sports section. There was no story about the Homecoming parade or other festivities. A story about a Homecoming bonfire is on page four, and considering the suggested focus of the front page, perhaps its newsworthiness warranted placement in the paper where it would generate more views from readers.

The most newsworthy and widely recognized aspect of Homecoming over the weekend is the football game, but it wasn’t suggested by the issue’s story placement or front page design. While page three is designated as the issue’s sports page, the Homecoming game is the most newsworthy aspect of the entire issue, causing editors to reconsider the traditional layout for this particular issue.


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