Parthenon Critique #3- September 25, 2015

Paper Critique: Friday Parthenon- September 25, 2015

The weekend edition of The Parthenon had some mistakes, but overall, the stories in this week’s edition were far more appealing to the intended audience than those of past critiques. The stories focus on campus and local area events geared toward an audience that better reflects The Parthenon’s intended reading demographic.

However, there were several AP style errors relating to grammar and punctuation. On a macro-editing scale some stories don’t read as well as they could as hard news stories. As is often the case in The Parthenon, a few stories’ first couple paragraphs cover the history of events and organizations as opposed to what is relevant at the time. The history of these events should be included, but it’s not the primary news of the story in most cases. Also a story about a sorority raising awareness on hazing referred to only one source.

The biggest error is headline writing in this issue. Several headlines derail from the headline rule of writing in the present tense. For example, one headline reads “Joel Ward presented students with magic show.” The headline is in the past tense, and Joel Ward is not a well-known person, thus his name should not be included in the headline. Another headline reads “Kent State defense will be an obstacle for Herd offense.” This headline is in the future tense, which is preferable to one in the past tense, but should still be avoided when possible. The headline could’ve been edited to say something like “Kent State defense poses obstacle for Herd offense.” A blurb was also written in the past tense.


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