I Went There: The Compatible World of NBA Free Agency and Taylor Swift

Woah! July 1, 2015 was a day for the NBA record book. Free agency launched summoning the hectic chaos equivalent of the impact of an atom bomb. Amidst the excessive salary cap crunching, value examinations, repeatedly-updated Twitter feed and massive amounts of rabid speculation what better way to analyze free agency than through the musical talents of one, Taylor Swift.

This exercise compares the subtle similarities of multiple free agency situations with one of Swift’s songs. If one heighthens their imagination and allows oneself to become somewhat lost in the musical undertones of Swift’s voice a small connection can be found.

And then check Twitter and read actual articles by actual sports media members to get a realistic and logical view of free agency.

Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson and Iman Shumpert resign with the Cavaliers-

Song: Long Live

(I said remember this moment. In the back of my mind. The time we stood with our shaking hands. The crowds in stands went wild)

Love, Thompson and Shumpert returned to Cleveland because in the back of their mind they remember that moment of being in the NBA Finals. It was a moment to cherish, an opportunity to live on the biggest stage of the basketball world. They remember the feeling of beings queens playing alongside the king. Long live Cleveland’s title hopes.

Paul Pierce reunites with former head coach Doc Rivers; signs with Clippers

Song: Love Story

(It’s a love story, baby, just say “yes”)

Pierce and Doc are together again…and it feels so good. If Swift took much interest in the NBA, perhaps she would dump her Knicks fandom and join the “Lob City” bandwagon. Think about all the relationships that could inspire Swift in her songwriting. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. DeAndre[1] Jordan feeling like the third wheel and constantly drawing disciplinary glares from Paul. Doc’s love fest with Jordan and his constant reassurance to combat Paul’s scorn. The awkward father-son-business relationship between Doc and Austin. And now Pierce joins in to rekindle the flame that once existed between him and his former coach from their glory days in Boston. It’s a freaking goldmine Taylor.

Dwyane Wade’s contract negotiations with the Heat

Song: Stay, Stay, Stay

(Stay, stay, stay. I’ve been loving you for some time, time, time)

The Miami faithful have been uttering this tune in their head for weeks amid the ever-changing reports detailing the prospect of Wade’s return to Miami. I guess Pat Riley isn’t much of a Swift fan because he hasn’t seemed to have discovered that soft spot in his heart for Wade as the rest of Miami has, with his hardball tactics being the primary reason the Wade-Heat marital vows have yet to be renewed.

Lakers and their appeal to star free agents

Song: The Story of Us

(I used to think one day, I’d tell the story of us, how we met and the sparks flew instantly. And people would say they’re the lucky ones…..Now I’m standing alone in a crowded room and we’re not speaking. And I’m dying to know is it killing you like it’s killing me?)

This song epitomizes the Lakers and their attraction to star free agents. There used to be a time when the glamour of Hollywood would lure free agents to flock into the graciously accepting arms of Los Angeles, but no more. The poison of Kobe Bryant’s contract and disposition combined with the Lakers mediocrity has turned away star and even second-tier free agents for the past two offseasons. The story of the Lakers and lauded free agents looks a lot like a tragedy now.

Portland Trail Blazers and LaMarcus Aldridge, whose exit seems imminent

Song: Forever and Always

(‘Cause it seems to me, this thing is breaking down, we almost never speak. I don’t feel welcome anymore. Baby what happened? Please tell me. ‘Cause one second it was perfect, now you’re halfway out the door. And I stare at the phone, he still hasn’t called. And then you feel so low you can’t fell nothing at all. And you flashback to when we said “forever and always”)

Remember this past season when injuries hadn’t completely derailed what looked to be a promising and prosperous season in Portland. Aldridge seemed happy with the Trail Blazers and it appeared a near-certainty he would be coming back, saving Portland fans from the most devastating occurrence since the Blazers took Greg Oden over Kevin Durant. Now those days seem nothing more than a cherished memory.

Vlade Divac, Vivek Ranadive and the Kings fumbling trade with the 76ers

Song: Should’ve Said No

(You say that you’d take it all back. Given one chance; it was a moment of weakness and you said “yes.” You should’ve said no, you should’ve gone home, you should’ve thought twice before you let it all go)

In a massive salary dump, the Kings jettisoned Carl Landry, Jason Thompson and their egregious contracts to the always-receptive Sam Hinkie. The Kings cleared over $14.2 million in cap space this season with the trade, bringing their total space to about $25 million, but inexplicably sent away future assets as if the term “assets” minimally resonates within the organization. The Kings gift-wrapped the Sixers former eighth overall pick Nik Stauskas, a top-10 protected first-round pick and swap rights on first-rounders in two future years. Perhaps the Kings should’ve said “no”.

Carmelo Anthony to Phil Jackson and the Knicks front office

Song: You’re Not Sorry

(All this time I was wasting, hoping you would come around. I’ve been giving out chances every time and all you do is let me down. And its taking me this long, baby, but I figured you out. And you’re thinking we’ll be fine again, but not this time around)

Melo has given the Knicks a second chance, third chance, fourth, fifth, but things just haven’t turned around as he has hoped. Whether it be the Andrea Bargnani trade, constructing rosters where Raymond Felton was the starting point guard, or, most recently, the drafting of Kristaps Porzingis, Melo has always accepted the Knicks’ apologies despite his personal disappointment. However, on the verge of another lost offseason of being ignored by free agents maybe Melo has figured the Knicks out. Phil Jackson is thinking we’ll all be fine, but Melo can’t stop thinking “You’re not sorry.”

Kings eyeing Rajon Rondo as a free agent acquisition

Song: Blank Space

(Nice to meet you, where you been? I could show you incredible things; magic, madness, heaven, sin. Saw you there and I thought oh my God, look at that face, you look like my next mistake)

Yes! Rondo could certainly show the Kings incredible things and will assuredly invoke a wide array of magic, MADNESS, heaven, SIN. The Kings will see that face and remember those Boston days and fall under the illusion that the revival of Rondo is perfectly possible. He looks like the Kings next mistake…but at the rate the Kings are going, they could probably make five more mistakes before Rondo. But hey, they already know, “It’s gonna be forever, or it’s gonna go down in flames.”

[1] Contingent on Jordan resigning with the Clippers which is certainly up in the air at this point.


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